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In partnership with our community, Ottawa Hills Local Schools will challenge and inspire each student to realize his or her unique potential; to embrace learning as a lifelong process; and to become an active, responsible citizen.


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6th Graders Get Connected

6th Graders pictured taking part in baking cookies

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Idioms are "The Cat"s Meow"

Classmates taking a picture for their work with idiomsFifth graders have been studying idioms in their English Language Arts classes. Idioms can often be confusing because the meaning of the words in an idiomatic expression has little or nothing to do with the words in isolation. For example: “Piece of cake” means something that’s easy to do or accomplish – the expression has nothing to do with eating cake! Students performed Idiom Skits, researched the meaning of the idioms that were in their skits, and illustrated their idioms for a class collage. Each student “put his best foot forward” researching the origin of idioms, and students had “a barrel of laughs” presenting their skits! 

Unleashing Student Creativity Through Animation and Stop Motion Video

Student making an animation with pieces of paper to flip through

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Second Grade Students Create Force and Motion

Second grade students working with small car raceways to study force and motionStudents in second grade designed and created working roller coasters as a culminating project for their unit on forces and motion. Given parameters and supplies, students worked in teams to design a roller coaster that would demonstrate the principles they had been studying throughout the unit. Once their coasters were constructed, students conducted time trials and changed single variables to improve the design, speed, and overall enjoyment of their coaster.

Did You Say Owl Pellets?

Students listening to Dr. Julie McArthur instruct on owl pellet dissectionOn Friday, April 7, Dr. Lena Duran and Dr. Julie McArthur led fifth-grade students in an exciting and engaging hands-on owl pellet dissection. Each student unwrapped his or her mystery object, and then they all used their senses and background knowledge of the structures and functions of ecosystems to identify the object as an owl pellet. Our fifth-grade scientists used tools such as hand lenses, tweezers, probes, and skewers to dissect the owl pellet and search for rodent and bird bones.

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Save the Date for Kindergarten Kaleidoscope

Kindergartners pictured dancing in classKindergarten students have started preparing for their first formal Ottawa Hills production. The annual Kindergarten Kaleidoscope will take place on Friday, May 12 at 4:00 p.m. in the new gym. The Kaleidoscope is a collection of songs used in the classroom to support the curriculum. Students will sing as they tell the story of the Very Hungry Kindergartner (based on Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar).  Throughout the next month, the students will be working together to create all of the props needed for the performance.  Please feel free to join us for this exciting show!