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District Newsletter April 28, 2017 Superintendent's Message Mr. Nusbaum Completes His Own Application High school guidance and college counselor Mark Nusbaum has helped hundreds and hundreds of seniors fill out college applications over his 20 years at Ottawa Hills. Recently, he filled out an application for himself and it went to the State Teachers Retirement System in Columbus—his retirement application.   Mr. Nusbaum will continue in his position through the summer to help with the transition to a new guidance and college counselor. But this September 1, he will join his wife, Callie, who retired from Toledo Public Schools after 26 years there.   He admits that the two have “purposefully not made a lot of retirement plans.” “I’m anxious to find out just what retirement means,” he says. “We both love to travel, and we’re both active. We like to golf, hike, and bicycle.” He notes that he and Callie have a high-end tandem bicycle and jokes, “Callie comes along, no matter what. She never has to tell me to slow down.”   Retirement will free up time to spend with his two sons and their families. Son Keith is a graduate of BGSU and George Washington Law School. He and his wife, Natalie, live in Silver Springs, Maryland, where Keith is a postal inspector. Keith and Natalie have a two-year-old daughter Coralie, and of course she is a special draw for Mr. and Mrs. Nusbaum’s trips to Maryland.

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