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In partnership with our community, Ottawa Hills Local Schools will challenge and inspire each student to realize his or her unique potential; to embrace learning as a lifelong process; and to become an active, responsible citizen.


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Spring Cleaning for Student Council

Student council huddles together for a spring cleaning picture

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Students Learn About the French Speaking World from New OH Resident

Students listen to local resident Hoda Chaadan about her experiences in France, Lebanon, and Syria.

Hoda Chaaban, mother of new OH students Carol and Najwa Nassif, spoke to French IV and V students about her experiences in France, Lebanon, and Syria. A French teacher, Madame Chabaan shared insight from her time studying in France. She also told stories of helping French journalists who were covering the Syrian war.  Many thanks to Madame Chabaan for taking the time to meet with students.

Blade Student of the Week: Hailey McGee

Picture of Hailey McGee

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Students Attend Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo's Annual Holocaust Program

Students standing in front of a mural at the Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo

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Mr. Wipfli Returns as Artist-In-Residence

Recently, former art and music teacher Steve Wipfli returned to the classrooms of Ottawa Hills as part of the art department’s Artist-in-Residence program. Mr. Wipfli was invited by current art teachers Kristin Johnson and Hannah Lehmann because the medium of Mr. Wipfli’s personal artwork often takes the form of paper collage.  Collage is the theme of this year’s smART show. To begin the work, Mr. Wipfli gave each art class an “artist’s talk” about his process, inspiration, and work. He continued to work with students as they created paper collages of birds from the middle east made with paper of patterns and designs found in the Islamic world.  The projects will be on display at the smART show on April 27.  Many thanks to the Ottawa Hills Schools Parent Association for providing the financial support for this program.  Pictured below are “The Four Seasons” and one of Mr. Wipfli's many bird collages. Click here  to visit Mr. Wipfli's Facebook page, Steven Tozer Wipfli Art.

Mr. Wipflis art work "The Four Seasons" and one of his many bird collages