Updates on Elementary School parking lot

Posted On: Monday, March 8, 2021

From Principal Kori Kawczynski

Dear parents and guardians:

We understand the frustration with the parking lot. Limited parking spaces and short drop-off and pick-up windows create unavoidable congestion. We know you want safe and fast drop-off and pick-up procedures for your children, and we want that, too!

In order to maximize the safety and efficiency of the lot, we need 100 percent of our families to follow the following procedures:

  • Unless your car is parked in a marked parking spot, please DO NOT get out of your car.
  • Cars should NEVER be left unattended in the drop-off/pick-up circle. You may ONLY leave your car if it is parked in a marked parking spot.
  • Children should exit cars in the circle ONLY in the curb lane and through the passenger side car door.
  • Every grade level has at least one teacher outside of their assigned door to help children get into the building. It is safe to drop your child off in the drop-off line WITHOUT walking them to their door.
  • Your child can exit your car anywhere along the drop-off curb. He/she does not need to be dropped off in front of their assigned door. The guards, faculty, staff, and administrators will help children get to their correct door, making sure they are safe.
  • Please make sure your child is prepared to exit your vehicle when you pull into the drop-off circle. Students should exit their vehicles quickly and parents should immediately move to the driving lane and exit the parking lot quickly.

With your help, our parking lot will be safer and more efficient for everyone.

In addition to the above procedures, we are working with the Ottawa Hills Schools Parent Association to secure volunteers to help us enforce these rules. Please help us help you by following all procedures and by responding positively to guards, faculty, staff, administrators, and volunteers as we work to make the parking lot a safer and more efficient place to drop off and pick up your children.

I look forward to monitoring more collaborative drop-off and pick-up practices and am grateful for your consideration as we try to improve this historically challenging situation.

Please contact me at kkawczynski@ohschools.org with any questions or concerns.

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